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Join the Community /Namastayoga

Together we move, breathe, grow & let joy flow!
We often take care of others and forget about ourselves, I hope you enjoy my classes and events
Free Tutorials,  LIVE Yoga sessions I’m offering as well as the supportive Energy our community.
You can start now. If you’d like to join us:
I look forward to practicing, strengthening and building together!

The ART of Selflove – Workshop

The ART of Selflove Package

Our capacity for love is limitless. Yet, we have built so many walls around our hearts that it is challenging to connect with that loving energy, especially towards ourselves. The first part of the self-love series starts by observing are the voices in our minds. You may be surprised by how crowded it is there.

Start the practice of developing a kinder voice towards oneself. You are your number one source of love. Don’t hold back.

What’s included?

  • Self-love Meditation (10min)
  • Heart opener Yoga flow (20min)
  • The Art of Selflove Workshop Virtuell
  • Facebook Yoga Community
  • Wallpaper
  • Soul-talk (1H)

Ticket: 48 €

Unterarmstand- Workshop

In dieser Einheit nähern wir uns dem Unterarmstand mit vorbereitenden Übungen und einen kräftigen Yogaflow, über das theoretisches Verstehen bis hin zu verschiedenen Möglichkeiten in den Unterarmstand hinein zu kommen an. Schritt für Schritt lernst du, wie du sicher und schonend in die Positionen gehst und auch wieder herauskommst. (Beginner & Advanced)

WANN? Coming soon   WO? –   für WEN? for everyone KOSTEN: 35 € 

Yoga im Park

 (Allfällige wetterbedingte Absagen oder Terminänderung / verschiebungen werden Rechtzeitig auf Facebook angekündigt.)

WO? Türkenschanzpark  WANN? “Yoga” Infos per Mail