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to be creative means to be in love with life

Hey, I'm Natali

I welcome you to stop for a second, take a deep breath and listen to your inner self. Let that voice guide you from now on. It will help you find places deep within you that you've never explored before.You will slowly become more conscious, self-aware, alive and awake.

It will help you enlighten your life and change it. With your own strength, you'll start to live fully and sustainably all the while knowing that you have enough courage to move forward with this blessed adventure that we call life.

I am a dedicated yogi and certified teacher. My passions vary from photography to drawing, and sometimes when the right song is on - dancing. But above all- I am myself - true to everything I believe in, passionate about what I do and open to every experience that awaits me. I love discovering new and exciting places, meeting people and getting to know their stories.

A blend of all of that is exactly how I would describe my yoga classes; A safe space where we look not only with our eyes, but also with our hearts, where we not only practice yoga but create a new way of life that is full of love, understanding, and light.