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Hey! I’m Natali, born and raised in Vienna. I’m excited to share my passion for yoga with you.

I continued to form my life around my practice and soon completed my teacher training in April 2016 in Vienna, which was dovetailed by workshops and intensive courses.

My first encounter with yoga was at the age of 14. I remember being moved by the feeling of being completely absorbed at the moment.

I grow up in a family of creative heads- and I’m myself a video editor and content creator. Many breaths and years later, my focus has shifted to learning, loving, and living the practice of yoga.

When I was 16 I began to meditate and coaching and knew it would become an important part of my life. I went to Vipassana, Coachings, Yoga studios, and workshops and had the pleasure of learning from different teachers all over the world in many yoga styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Aerial, Yin, and Vinyasa. This has formed my practice into a playful balanced body language.

I traveled to India to get to know the origin of Yoga and to deepen my knowledge. I delved into the more traditional practices of Asana and yoga philosophy, studying traditional Hatha Yoga.

I lead retreats and trainings all around the world, one of the reasons I practice is … for me, Yoga is a beautiful form of self-expression and art. Fluently & lightly … with practice I am stronger and softer, I experience myself and the world around me more fully and love more deeply. I feel more whole, more connected, and In a creative way to spark even more inspiration and lightness.

I teach yoga because I love sharing what moves, grows, and inspires me. I like to connect and create meaningful experiences and rituals with my students.

It is my dharma to bring more yoga— and ultimately peace —to our world… My love for sharing the teachings of yoga has gracefully evolved into a deep dedication to yogateachers, finding their unique voice and making it heard- this is where the Visible Yogi Method was born. My Online Mentorship Programm for Yoga Teachers and Multipassionate Souls.

The more empowered, abundant heart-centered yoga teachers there are, the more of a positive impact we can make. Though it takes dedication, discipline, and self-reaction to step into our full potential and transform our lives, I teach you how to do this with ease.

As a passionate Yoga teacher, I believe in a holistic approach to life and work, which is why I wear many hats.

When I’m not working on a (video)project, teaching yoga, or running a workshop, you‘ll find me traveling the globe, doing Acroyoga, trying something new, or soaking up the sunshine at the closest beach. I just love spending my time filled with creativity, traveling, music, and wonderful people.

Other things I love: dancing, books, nature, laughter, traveling, music, movement medicine, handstands, cinnamon, spoons, art, walking barefoot, and drawing. I’m a travel enthusiast, a student of life, and above all else, a believer in love.

feel free to contact me with any questions.

Qualification Yoga

300-hour yoga teacher training  | Ashtak yoga school, Goa, India

50-hour Aerial Yoga Teacher | Aerial Yoga

200-hour Yoga Teacher training | Lara Benusis, New York

10-hour Vinyasa Krama |  Claire Missingham

50-hour Ashtanga Yoga | Kino Macgregor

20-hour Yoga Nidra YTT | Kate Kuss

Teachers & Workshops

Talia Sutra, Meghan Currie, Kino Macgregor, Emily Sussel, Digital Yoga Academy, Cuchira Yogance, Adam Husler, Claire Missingham, Taylor Harkness, Ashtak Yoga School India, Lara Benusis, Felipe Salas,  Sprach & Stimmtraining Silke Jandl, Acroyoga by Lisa Looping, Sheila Falk Yogafusion, Acroyoga by Reka Hargitay, Will Wheller,  Nives Gobo & Connie Aitzetmueller, Yogalexia, JoyMartina, Brene Brown,…

Founder of

TheArtofSelflove, Namastayoga, PrivateYogaVienna

Free Library

Die erste Begegnung mit Yoga hatte ich mit 14 Jahren, als mich mein Vater mitnahm zum Ashtanga Yoga in einem Wiener Fitnessstudio.

Über die Jahre bemerkte ich die positive Wirkung von Yoga.Fasziniert vom Zusammenspiel von Körper, Geist & Seele probierte ich mich durch die unterschiedlichsten Yogastile: Vinyasa, Bikram (Yoga College), Hatha, Ashtanga, usw.So wurde mein Leben durch meine Yogapraxis bereichert. Die Vielschichtigkeit von Yoga fasziniert mich jedes Mal aufs Neue und das ist es auch, was ich als Yogalehrerin meinen Schülern und Schülerinnen vermitteln möchte.

Die Bewahrung alter Traditionen und moderner Spiritualität ist mir ebenso wichtig wie spielerische und neue Elemente, intuitive, freie Bewegungen, begleitet von einer Mischung aus modernen und traditioneller Musik.

Yoga ist für mich eine wunderschöne Form des Selbstausdrucks und der Kunst. Fließend & leicht … mit der Praxis bin ich stärker und weicher; ich erlebe mich und die Welt um mich herum vollständiger und liebe tiefer. Ich fühle mich ganzheitlicher, mehr verbunden.

Jeder Atemzug ist eine Bewegung
jeder Atemzug ist anders
jeder Atemzug ist eine Entscheidung nach Innen zu blicken, uns wieder mit unserer Essenz zu verbinden, dass alles bereits in uns ist drinnen steckt.

2016 absolvierte ich meine Yoga-Ausbildung & begann direkt zu Unterrichten, für mich eröffnete sich eine neue Welt und ich darf seither unter dem Namen Aurora Yoga meine Liebe zum Yoga in Wien u.A. Yoga im Türkenschanzpark, Studios, auf Reisen, Festivals teilen.

Ich durfte während meines Teacher Trainings in Indien den Ursprung von traditionellem Yoga kennenzulernen und mein Wissen erweitern und vertiefen. Weitere Fortbildungen, Lehrer und Erfahrungen, die ich auf Reisen gesammelt habe, inspirieren meine Yoga-Klassen. uA. Meghan Currie, Talia Sutra, Kino Mac, Claire Missingham..